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Mixing Order

The individual tracks of your song will not frequency conflict, allowing each instrument to be in its place in a frequency range and to sound transparently. This will allow to clearly hear the individual elements in your work so that they do not spoil the sound in the mix. The spatial arrangement of instruments and the sense of the volume will open the color, the natural sound space, the balance of the volume of tracks will put every tool in its place, the elimination of irregularities in the vocals - all this will open your song in a new way 1.

Mastering Order

Your track will clearly and accurately sound at any equipment. The material will "come alive" by acquiring the enhanced nature of its sound, whether it is calm or powerful and dynamic, acquiring the saturation and density. In the case of the album mastering, each track will be equally loud and high-quality, supplementing and transferring emotions invested in your work.

Writing "on a turnkey basis" Order

Writing from scratch can include track writing, arrangement, vocal recording, mixing and mastering.

Arrangement Order

The arrangement service will help to finish your idea and properly develop your thought, making a truly bright and competent track which a listener will remember for a long time.

Cost of services
  • Mixing - $ 5 / minute
  • Mastering - $ 15 / track
  • Arrangement - $ 10 / minute
  • A phrase / jingle recording - from $ 5 (depending on duration)
  • Vocal recording - from $ 10 / minute (depending on complexity)
  • writing "on a turnkey basis" - negotiated (additional services are included in the price *)

* Services of mixing, mastering and processing of the provided vocals.